MTTS 2016 On-Your-Own Night Roadmap

MINI TAKES THE STATES 2016MINI TAKES THE STATES can be a daunting adventure to plan, if you aren’t of the mindset that MINI’s done a good enough job and you’re willing to go with the flow.

There are more on-your-own nights this year than in the past and many of you are probably wondering what your options are.

A few peripheral events are being planned in varying detail by clubs and generous MINIacs. Here are a few.

July 7

The Pre-MTTS Atlanta Dinner

Dinner is being planned at MaryMac’s Tearoom where you can enjoy a southern special menu, family style. $23.95 per person, drinks are extra, a full bar is available. Cash only. RSVPs here are required.

July 10

Richmond, VA

Your best bet is to navigate to the RVA MINIs club website where they have been kind enough to collect helpful restaurants, food tours, and a small list of great things to do that evening like the Canal Walk.

You can also sift through posts in the Facebook Group Event for Richmond, where you can find tips on parking and ghost tours.

Kudos to RVA MINIs for being such great and welcoming hosts!

July 14

St. Ignace

St. Ignace is a beautiful and peaceful place without the big-city attractions so there’s less information out there on what to do with your on-your-own night here. There is a Facebook Group Event set up where you can share your ideas and take a look at what others have to offer.

July 17

Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is another on-your-own night. As the locals note in the Facebook Group Event, there isn’t a local dealer but there is a local club that will welcome you. You can find information about laundry and car wash locations, along with some directions to local attractions.

July 21

Las Vegas

You’re on-your-own in Las Vegas but you won’t be bored. A group of people are planning to renew their wedding vows that night. And there’s quite a lot of chatter in the Facebook Group Event outlining things to do and see that night.