Collectibles: MINI Confidential Campaign

MINI Confidential Spy Kit

In 2006, MINI USA created a marketing campaign which rewarded MINI owners. The MINI Confidential campaign started in July with MINI USA sending a secret black box to owners containing the “spy kit” inside a fake book titled “A Dizzying Look at the Awesomeness of Small”.  The spy kit included a magic window decryptor, super-secret decoder, and special red lens glasses.

Shortly afterwards, MINI USA (through their ad agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners) created a series of print ads with secret messages that could only be read by MINI owners with the black box spy kit.  The three print ads were:

  • ATTENTION MINI OWNERS: Useway ouryay agicmay indowway ecryptorday.

The first MINI owner ad required the “Magic Window Decryptor” to read.  The message sent you to the very strange website at  There was no collectible offered from this site.

MINI Confidential Website

The second ad required the “Super-Secret Decoder” to discover a website address:  This website enabled MINI owners to order the free Adventure Toggle Switches.  This was a plastic template that fit over the bank of toggles to create new functions.

MINI Confidential Website

MINI Confidential Adventure Toggle Switches

MINI Confidential Adventure Toggle Switches Card

The final MINI Confidential ad required the red lens glasses to decipher.  The message included a website address ( that enabled MINI owners to order the free MINI Confidential medallion.

MINI Confidential Medallion Cover

MINI Confidential Medallion

[Images courtesy of the Library of Motoring.]